'We'll do much better than we would've 3 months ago'


He says that all three major political parties in Karnataka have their own traditional vote banks, and the challenge for the Congress is to make inroads into new areas to consolidate its position. In his quest to achieve the goal, he is not keen on roping in other party leaders.

On Wednesday, Parameshwara heli-hopped in Chikballapur, Kolar and Ramanagar. Before commencing the campaign, he interacted with Asha Krishnaswamy of Deccan Herald on his party’s strengths and weaknesses.

Will your party be able to outsmart the BJP in the polls?

I can’t say how many seats we will win, but definitely we will be in a respectable position. Last time, we came to power in the ZPs of 19 districts. I can’t say that we will get similar or better results.

If the same elections were to be held about three months ago, we would not have done as well as we are going to do now.

There has been a change in the leadership at the KPCC level. Chief Minister Yeddyurappa is caught in the scam mess. All these and more are helping the Congress.

But the JD (S) is consolidating its position by reviving the Janata Parivar...

Such efforts won’t benefit them. The Congress too had entertained the migrants. In what way did it help us? It is difficult for outsiders to get along with the old timers in the party. It is better to take corrective measures, if required, to strengthen the party.

Also, what is the success story of the JD (S) except creating problems for other parties and indulging in caste politics? Each party has its own strong pockets. That’s it.

Is Siddaramaiah going to stay with the Congress?

I think so. A person will quit a party if he is not going to be benefited being with that party. In case of Siddaramaiah, he is already the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, which is one step behind becoming the chief minister. Now he has to work towards it.

Bangarappa, who was in the Kranti Ranga, migrated to the Congress and became the Chief Minister. Then why not Siddaramaiah? He should toil for himself and for the party’s success. I will repeat again. I am not a contender for the post.

Are you seeking negative votes by projecting the scams of the Yeddyurappa government?

We need not talk about the scams because people are talking about it. The negative image of the BJP may help the Congress in getting 2-3 per cent more votes than it would have secured otherwise.

Can you convince people that your party is better than the BJP when the UPA government is caught in mega scams?

I am not defending my party. The Prime Minister has set an example by declaring that he is ready to appear before the Public Accounts Committee. That shows his integrity. There is a need to correct the system and not just individuals.

Identify any one good work done by the BJP government.

Nothing. I do not give credit for this government. It has failed to give even Ashraya sites for the poor and create job opportunities.

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