'Revamp varsity system'

'Revamp varsity system'

Dont add programmes to generate funds, says Veerappa Moily

'Revamp varsity system'

Delivering the Foundation Day lecture at Mangalore University here on Tuesday, he said “Indian universities need to be made more universal if they are to flourish. The tendency of most of the universities to add programmes with the aim of generating more funds must be stopped.”

He said Univeristies and colleges are where the future of nation is formed. It is also the custodian of tradition. Educational institutions have a responsibility to nurture the future generation with knowledge, culture and values. There is a need to build up the psyche of choice among the students, instead of institutions building culture of consumerism that overpowers the mind of the student community.

Stating that India has suffered in the past owing to the under investment in the higher education, Moily said that large public investment is needed in both primary education and higher education.

He said it is believed that India has the largest reservoirs of technically trained manpower. In reality, 35 per cent of India’s population is in the age group of 20 to 25. However, the enrolment ratio to the higher education is only 9 to 11 per cent as against 45 to 85 per cent in the developed countries.

“In the era of international competition, we have to become productive and competitive if we are to prosper as a nation. An expanding pool of skilled labour will attract both domestic and international investments. There is a widening gap and mismatch between education and employment. The education system has been churning out job seekers in such a large number that employment of the educated has assumed monstrous proportions. There is a gap between the demand and supply of MBAs and engineers. The institutions should shed their mediocrity and adorn the high sense of excellence and innovation. The education system should have the motto of expansion, inclusion and excellence.”

“We should design our own economic theory so that we can fight against the recession. Nehru had understood our economy and laid a strong foundation which could withstand even the recession,” he added.

Moily called upon the faculty members to ensure that every student learns something from each lesson. The teachers should keep abreast of developments in the subject.
He said the IIMs and IITs are being underused and caged. They must be set free to provide opportunities to a larger number of students who have hitherto been restricted. There is a need to expose them to the global brand while tuning up to brand practice as in the case of Wharton, Harvard.  Mangalore University Vice-Chancellor Prof T C Shivashankara Murthy said to reach the average enrolment ratio in higher education, India needs atleast 1,200 universities by 2015. Quality and excellence should go hand in hand. “We have talent. However, there is lack of funding and infrastructure. With the funding and infrastructure, we can reach the top,” he said.