Modi inaugurates Asia's first solar park

The 500 MW solar park is aimed at decreasing the carbon dioxide emission by eight lakh million tones. “Its no ordinary step. Today we have laid the foundation stone for the rise of a new cleaner energy,” announced Modi. The park is a brain child of the chief minister himself, who had announced the formation of a full-fledged climate control department in the state.

Recently Modi even authored a book on climate control. Already the state government has invited 80 solar power  project investors to invest in Radhanpur solar park.

Modi said 54 of them had already entered into power purchase agreement to sell power  to the Gujarat urja Vikas Nigam Limited.

Officials said the park would generate solar energy for 330 days a year which would amount to 5.5 to 6.0 KW per square km solar radiation daily. Officials also said the park would enable the state government to fetch an investment of Rs 65,000 crore in the coming years.

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