Top two come to Del Potro's side

Top two come to Del Potro's side

The towering Argentine won his first Grand Slam match in a year with a 7-6, 6-4, 6-4 victory over Israel's Dudi Sela in the first round of the Australian Open on Tuesday before revealing how the world's top two, among others, had offered him their support.

“They call me, they sent e-mails, everything,” Del Potro told reporters, referring to his top 10 rivals.

“It's important. They all have very tight, complicated schedules. If they call it shows they are thinking about you, so I just want to say thank you to all of them.

“For me it's good playing against them again. It's enough just to feel their support,” added the 22-year-old, who won the US Open in 2009.

“I don't care if Federer sent me 10 messages and Rafa sent me two. The important thing is they sent them and they were thinking about me.”Del Potro, who was ranked fourth in the world 12 months ago, credited Nadal and Federer for taking tennis into the big time with their incredible rivalry.

“I watched their matches at home,” said the Argentine. “I really want to congratulate them because they are producing amazing tennis for the fans -- and for the players too.”
Del Potro admitted he was still some time away from challenging the top two.
“I'm just enjoying being here again,” he smiled. “If I play against Rafa it will be very complicated for me. It just depends on my game, my mind, my mentality.”
Del Potro added, however, that he felt the vice-like grip Nadal and Federer have over men's tennis could be coming to an end.

“I already won a Grand Slam,” he said. “(Novak) Djokovic too. But maybe (Andy) Murray, Novak, (Robin) Soderling -- now they have the game to beat Rafa and Roger.
“I am very far away, but I'm working to be at that level in the future. I will try to beat Rafa and Roger in the same Grand Slam to win another one!”