'Somasekhara report only to protect BJP'

'Somasekhara report only to protect BJP'

“The influence by the BJP government and CM B S Yeddyurappa made the Commission to submit such a report. Yeddyurappa had appointed a retired judge only to ensure that the report should be in favour of the government,” Poojary charged addressing a press conference here on Saturday.

“The government should have appointed a sitting judge if they really wanted to know the facts. There were sufficient evidence including media reports to prove the fact that the church attacks were carried out by the Sangh Parivar men. The then Bajrang Dal leader Mahendra Kumar himself had stated before media that the attacks were carried out by the organisation as a mark of protest against conversion.

Still the Commission has given a clean chit to Bajrang Dal,” he said and added that the Commission has deviated from its observations made in the interim report. The Commission has said in its report that the churches were attacked by some fundamental groups, Poojary said and questioned, “let the Commission make it clear as to which fundamental group was behind the church attacks.” “Let the BJP government hand over the cases to CBI if they have guts,” he challenged.

‘Dismiss govt’

Poojary said that the Congress will urge the Central government to dismiss the State government. “The BJP government, which called a bundh by violating rules, should be dismissed,” he said.

Further, justifying Governor H R Bhardwaj’s decisions, Poojary said, “the Supreme Court had made it clear in several cases that the Governors can sanction prosecution of CMs.”