Yuddham Sei

Plodding & pottering

Known for his trademark style of narration, director Mysskin has carved a niche for himself in Kollywood. Basking under this acclaim and body of works, he seeks to do an encore with Yuddham Sei. However, much as one appreciates Mysskin’s deftness, sadly he simply flatters to deceive. This is not to discount Yuddham’s inherent merits.

With clever twists and turns, Mysskin is able to maintain the element of suspense, given that Yuddham Sei is a murder mystery. Schooled on Christie’s whodunnits and Hollywood mystery flicks, Mysskin tries to weave them into his own craft. But, what could have been elevated to a classic edge-of-the-seat thriller tale turns out into tepid saga.

The film revovles around boxes strewn across city with severed hands in them even as young girls go missing. The case is handed over to CBI Officer J Krishnamurthy, who, having failed to solve the mystery of his sister’s disappearance wishes to quit his job. With plenty of red-herrings Mysskin seeks to give Yuddham Sei that Hitchcockian feel.

Stylised camerawork, haunting score and decent performances keep one interested, though the film is pulled down by its own weighty expectations. Still, Yuddham... is worth its while and wallet.

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