Hair-raising truths!

Hair-raising truths!

 Adults are usually the main victims of hair loss. But in recent times, a growing number of teenagers are experiencing hair fall. Teenage hair loss is an important indication that there is a serious problem and it is essential to address the issue with medical help.

Losing 50 to 100 strands of hair a day is normal, but it is abnormal if you notice clumps of hair on your clothes, pillow cover and hair brush or on your bathroom/bedroom floor. A thinning pony tail or balding pate among girls and loose hair strands in the inner lining of a sports cap in boys indicate excessive hair loss.

Stress: the key cause

Stress affects hair the same way it affects other major organs such as the heart. A sudden physical or emotional upheaval can trigger hair fall.

Acute stress can start showing its effects as late as three months after a catastrophic incident. Considering that stress in teenagers is due to exams, family and peer pressure, one should adopt stress management techniques to deal with the situation.  From childhood to adolescence the average teenager is  exposed to a variety of toxins such as cigarette smoke, anti-perspirants, exhaust from cars, dust, contaminated water etc. Hair is the first to register change, so it is important to follow a few steps to protect your hair. For instance, remember to tie you hair while travelling, and cover your hair with a cap or a scarf when going out, especially in harsh sunlight.

Beware of fashion trends!

One of the most striking reasons for hair fall in teenagers is fashion fads. If teenagers have curly hair, they want to straighten it; if they have dark hair, they want to streak it! Tying hair back very tightly pulls on the roots and causes breakage and premature hair fall.

Excessive use of hair spray leads to balding among young girls because oils and chemicals build up on the scalp  and block hair follicles, slowing down hair growth.
The indiscriminate use of hair colours damages hair as the ammonia present in hair dye deteriorates the quality of hair and causes allergic reactions.

The indiscriminate use of a blow dryer leaves hair dry and limp. Crash diets can lead to hair fall.