Seven Taliban militants gunned down in Swat

Seven Taliban militants gunned down in Swat

The militants were killed when they opened fire after being challenged by troops manning a security check post along the boundary of Dir and Swat districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

The security forces had received a tip-off that militants were fleeing a military operation in Bajaur tribal region and trying to enter Swat via rugged mountainous routes in Dir district.

Troops tightened security in areas bordering Bajaur and intensified checking. Officials said troops had killed 27 militants in Swat during the past four days. In a separate development, Brigadier Muhammad Zubair, the commander of troops in the Kabal region of Swat, gave militants 10 days to surrender and face trial in court.

He warned that their properties would be confiscated if they did not lay down their arms. Addressing a tribal peace jirga at a security forces camp in Kanju, Zubair announced the annulment of security passes issued to residents of Kabal.

No reduction will be made in the strength of security forces in Swat, he said.

"The absconding militants have one option – to surrender in 10 days. In case of compliance, their lives will be protected and they will be tried in a court of law.

"The operation against the militants would continue till their total elimination," he said.