The scene is good, but not as good as the train I  see passing by. The railway track is filled with beautifully shaped stones which are crushed when all the Gods and Fairies come traveling in this train to say their 'HELLO' to me. I love waving my hand to the people sitting in the train. I welcome them with a friendly 'HELLO' and let them go with a 'CRY'.

One day I asked God -"Why does he not stay with me all day long sitting in the train that is stationary?" He said - "You are not the only child I have, I need to meet and spend time with all my children. But, I promise I will come to visit you every day in the train." I was overjoyed, but, I still had a doubt in my mind. So, I asked God, "Mister God, how will I know that you have come to visit me, will you knock on my door or will you ring my doorbell?"  God chuckled and answered, "I had a feeling that you would ask this question and you did!  For this, I have made a special alarm only for you and that is the horn of the train, so, you would come to know that I have come to meet you!" 

I was overjoyed and since, that day I run to my balcony any time I hear the horn of the train. Believe it or not God himself makes a problem in the engine of the train in front of my house to extend the time he can spend with me! And I am so grateful to him!

Ananya Kausal
Class IV-B,
Vidyashilpa Academy

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