Media stalwarts decry sensationalism

Last Updated 18 March 2011, 17:34 IST

Speaking on the occasion, Outlook Editor Vinodh Mehta opined that media these days is doing commendable job and is in good shape and health. Besides, media is the profession that is enjoyed by public faith, he added. He said the matter should be simplified and put before the reader. Complex stories should be presented in such a way that the reader gets a big idea and essential facts of it. Popularism of news is needed and not sensationalism, he opined.

Pioneer Editor Chandan Mitra opined that media had the role in exposing every major corruption and scandals that happened in the country. This has strengthened and widened the scope of democracy. Irrespective of the fact that the growing trend of marketing greediness that has narrowed the genuineness of the profession, there are many examples where media has come out with something credible, he added.

Stating that the situation in print is not bleak, Nayi Duniya Editor Alok Mehta opined that there is a need for good contents and stories. It depends on how you produce paper and the priorities, he said. Feature Editor Manasi said many hot issues concerning women have been brought out by Indian media. However, use of women in media is something to be concerned about, she said.

Needs introspection

Inaugurating the seminar on Thursday, Tamil Nadu Central University Vice Chancellor Dr B P Sanjay stressed the need for introspection. “The public should bell the cat by playing major role making media realise what it is,” he opined.

Stating that media has always been an industry and is not a monolithic enterprise, he said conscience is a collective introspection that all of us should ponder and pour.
Uncertainty prevails on the fact that who has to scrutinise media. Government is out of the scenario and media industry has washed off its hands.

It is the public who should intervene to advocate change in media, he added.

(Published 18 March 2011, 17:34 IST)

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