Doomsday worries in the air

Doomsday worries in the air

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Scary : The theory of doomsday was popularised by the movie 2012.

There has been a considerable increase in the number of people believing in the famed doomsday prophecy, popularised by 2012, the movie. According to the prophecy, the apocalypse is believed to occur on December 21, 2012, when the human race will be wiped out of existence. The Mayan calender ending on the same day is believed to be further proof of this prophecy coming true. Metrolife asked Bangaloreans if the disaster in Japan was a sign from above, preparing the world for worse things to come or just an overreaction about a natural disaster.

Nitin Kumar, a student and a strong believer of the theory, says, “If this isn’t a sign, then what is? The Mayans were no fools, I think their calender ends in 2012 because they already foresaw the end of the human race in that year. Scientifically too, it is believed that massive solar flares will take place sometime in 2012 resulting in huge calamities like earthquakes and tsunamis, very similar to what is portrayed in the movie.”

Disagreeing with Nitin was Pooja M Rao, also a student, who says, “What happened in Japan was really unfortunate and something that could be neither averted nor predicted. End-of-the-world theories have always been there and none of them have come true. I don’t see any point of connect between the disaster in Japan and the world coming to an end.”

People were also seen pegging the disaster to environmental issues like climate change that require immediate solace. Venkateshwarachari Vuttaradi, a working professional says, “I don’t think the world is going to end but disasters such as these depict the hazardous state of our planet and it is high time we stop abusing the planet.”

However, there are others like Manjushri Shenoy, a BBM student, who looks at the issue in a philosophical way. “When I watched the destruction on television, I was overwhelmed by it. In a fraction of seconds, the water wiped away everything.  Nature’s wrath claimed it all and not one of us had a clue. We lead our entire life believing we are going to be around forever, one massive wave and it’s all over. The world too will probably end, after all what is created has to be destroyed. This is the rule of nature.”

Anirban Sarkar, a working professional, taking a leaf out of the Origin of Species, says,
“Change is a constant thing and what is termed as destruction could be just the Earth growing old. We human beings will adapt to those changes and life will begin on earth again. It is something that is bound to happen. There is nothing to panic about.”