'I will return only for my fans'

'I will return only for my fans'

Changing colours

Strong: Ramya

Ramya is firm about her decision to quit the industry until she’s been cleared of all this mess and the producer apologises to her for defaming her. “I have only tried to help Ganesh and he’s gone around town trying to defame me. I don’t intend to return to the industry until my name is cleared and justice is met,” Ramya tells Metrolife.

The issue of Ramya’s squabble with producer A Ganesh was taken up by the Kannada Cinema Artists’ Association and its president, Ambarish urged that Ganesh must return the money with immediate effect and that no actor would act in his films. “I have left it to senior artists in the industry like Ambarish, Jayamala and Parvathamma to settle the issue. I will stand by what they decide. I don’t look for support or any kind of sympathy but I think I have approached the right people to sort out this issue. Senior artists in the industry like Jayamala have had financial issues with Ganesh and now Pooja Gandhi also seems to have spoken out. This shows his reputation,” she observes.

However, Ramya is miffed that Ganesh has gone on to defame her by dubbing her as a ‘non kannadiga’. “He’s talking about unrelated issues and is using this opportunity to defame me. I won’t tolerate that. This is no war, neither is it a clash of egos. It’s simple. Ganesh owes me money and he has to return it. Why is he acting like this?” she wonders.

So will she return to the industry after all this mess is sorted out? “Yes I will return to act but only for my fans who have been supportive through and through. They wrote to me asking me why they (my fans) should be punished for what somebody else did. That touched my heart. I will return only for my fans,” says Ramya.

Meanwhile, the Kannada Film Producers’ Association president K C N Chandrashekar says he has formed a sub committee of producers comprising K Manju, Muniratna and Sa Ra Govindu to approach Ramya and request her to return to the industry and partake in the promotion of Dandam Dashagunam. “Ganesh will have to apologise and return the money. We would request her not to take any hasty decisions and quit in a huff,” says Chandrashekar.

Producer A Ganesh was unavailable for comment.