Dept of Education cracks RTE whip on pvt schools

New rules promulgated on admissions, fees
Last Updated 28 March 2011, 18:18 IST

The department has laid it down that admissions to private schools should be only from April, and not earlier. It has also issued a diktat that the rules framed by the department should be followed strictly by the schools in collecting fees. Further, schools have been ordered to not collect extra fees or donations. Schools have also been ordered to display on notice boards the fee structure, and to issue receipts for amounts collected as fees.

The Deputy Director of Education (Administration) too has issued a set of instructions, the most important of is that the schools are not to sell text-books, notebooks, uniforms or any other gear.

The schools have been ordered to use text-books prescribed by the department. They have also been directed to abide strictly with the norms laid down by the department for admission of students.

If schools fail to follow the rules on any of the above matters, parents or guardians can complain to the District-level Education Regulation Authority, presided by the Deputy Commissioner.

Private pre-primary, primary and high schools should follow the Karnataka Education Act 1983 Section-47 while admitting students. Karnataka Education Societies should follow the rules set by Regulation (Classification, Control and Syllabus Fixation) 1995, sub-regulation 14 for the admission process.

The admission process followed by schools should be free and transparent. Also, complete information about every stage of the process should be submitted to the school administrative boards before the commencement of the process.

In addition, caste-based reservation rules should be followed strictly.

The schools should display the lists of applications given and accepted as well as names of the students admitted. The schools should also compulsorily display the last date of admission on the notice boards.

Members of the administrative boards of schools should declare the steps taken as part of the admission process to the officers of the Education Department during inspection of the schools.

In case of discrepancy or any kind of lapse by the schools in abiding by the norms, the District-level Education Regulation Authority will be informed.

A private education society may not start a school without registration with and permission from the Education Department.

A criminal case will be registered against a society that fails to follow the above rule.

Schools having received permission from the Department should also obtain approval for construction of buildings, school playgrounds and other facilities in the schools.

The education societies must start the schools in the places and in the mediums permitted only.

The schools should employ eligible teachers with suitable training, and should also provide them with facilities as per norms.

The District-level Education Regulation Authority may be complained to if schools fail to follow the given norms.

The complaints will be investigated and action will be taken against the education societies as per the rules set under the Karnataka Education Act 1983.

(Published 28 March 2011, 18:18 IST)

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