'Kool' captain braces for cinema one-dayer

'Kool' captain braces for cinema one-dayer

cool persona Actor Ganesh. DH PHOTO BY ANURAG BASAVARAJ

Nowadays, the word ‘cool’ has set the tone for talks, heaping praises on Indian cricket team skipper M S Dhoni for his very behaviour on field, that rewrote the history reclaiming the World Cup. Also, another ‘kool’ captain, albeit on a different pitch, is at the cusp of winning the hearts of audience and setting the box office ringing!

‘Golden Star’ Ganesh is playing a dual role in his forthcoming film ‘Kool’- hero-cum-director, construed as captain of the ship. While he is known as a hero, it was fortuitous he donned the director’s cap, for his second home production. And, that has added to the movie’s USP.
When City Herald invited him for a freewheeling interview, he unfolded the multi-task he shouldered without any qualms, and many more.

“As acting is my first love, the director in me couldn’t exert any pressure”, said Ganesh in a confident tone, shrugging off the pressure that usually builds up on those who wield the megaphone. Moreover, what came for his rescue was the off-screen experience he had gathered as an assistant to renowned actor-director-and-producer B Suresha. He had worked with the director for a few telefilms and a soap, before foraying into silver screen.

Ask about his forthcoming movie, Ganesh says-it’s a ‘high current’ movie, where his fans will get to see their favourite star in a different way. As the title suggests-the male lead here a college lad, remains cool, propagating the very behaviour in life too.

Optimistic of reaping success, Ganesh says- good movies will surely draw the audience.
Before summing up, the actor made it a point to say the heritage city is home for him, and it’s difficult to explain how beautiful it is! And, that’s the only driving point that makes him include the city on the list of exotic locales. The post production works of ‘Kool’ is in final stages and is slated to hit screens soon.

You may be wondering, why this ‘kool’ starts from the very alphabet. Ganesh says-when they went for a poll through media, most voted for ‘k’ than usual and grammatically correct ‘c’.