MG Road Bazaar extended till April 17

MG Road Bazaar extended till April 17

welcome shopaholics: The MG Road Bazaar beckons for a gala shopping time. dh Photo

Bangalore Trades Association (BTA) president Bhoopalam P Srinath said although shop owners on MG Road expected huge sales once the Namma Metro was launched, most shops had recorded good sales.

“If the Namma Metro launches within the next 15 days, we cannot extend the Bazaar. However, if the launch happens after three to four months, then we may organise another MG Road Bazaar,” Srinath said.

Deepam Silks had their annual sale before Ugadi and they are receiving customers even now. “Our customers are actually coming because of our annual sale and not completely because of the MG Road Bazaar. In fact, if the Metro had launched, we would have received a very good response,” said Neena D, Inventory Manager, Deepam Silks.

B S Thripal, Vimal Store manager, said the Bazaar should have at least coincided with Ugadi. However, a similar bazaar can be organised again, he added. Organised at a time when the market was just reeling out of the recession effect, the Bazaar has brought smiles back to traders.

A fruitful wait

The business community on the road had waited patiently for the completion of the Namma Metro work for the last couple of years. The BTA had announced initially that the MG Road Bazaar would be held from April 2 to 11, coinciding with the much hoped launch of Metro (first phase from Byappanahally to MG Road) scheduled for April 4, the auspicious Ugadi Day. The Bazaar was inaugurated on April 2 by Shankar M Bidari, the City Police Commissioner.

The rationale behind extending the Bazaar till April 17: The long weekend with 14th and 16th being holidays, and a Saturday in between and Sunday following, the festival is bound to attract a flood of shoppers to MG Road in the next couple of days. Shoppers and even casual visitors to the road can have a glimpse of the old world charm getting back to MG Road with shops being specially lit for the occasion. They will also enjoy free entertainment programmes organised as part of the Bazaar.