Donate blood, say students

Donate blood, say students

Ganesh Kudva with his team mates.

Ganesh Kudva, a chemist by profession, has formed an army of 10 NCC volunteers who are on a mission to collect this precious component as there is no other substitute for it. As part of the blood donation camp that will be conducted jointly by Barke Police Station, Bharath Scouts and Guides and NCC Cadets of Canara High School Urwa, on April 20, Kudva and his team sketched out a campaign to bring maximum donors.

The team is going around houses in Lalbagh, Gandhinagar, Ashoknagar, Kodial Guthu and other nearby places propagating the message door-to-door.

Speaking to City Herald, Kudva reveals that the entire area has more than 1,000 houses and the team is covering 150 houses a day. Barke Police Station has also joined the cause and the cops join the children after duty hours, he adds.

The KMC hospital staff will look into the medical procedures and the blood will be donated to the hospital. The hospital will also provide the donor with a card and certificate with which the person can avail different facilities at the hospital.

Cold blooded response

Speaking about the people’s response, Kudva says that some people were unsupportive and some have even insulted them. “One person alleged me saying that we collect blood to sell it. This hurt me a lot,” says Cadet Jayashree.

Sachin says that the door has been shut on his face quite a few times as people have mistaken him for a salesman. “They don’t even give me a chance to explain,” he adds.

Kudva says that they could target individual houses easily but it was very difficult o pass through the security personnel who work in apartments.

The camp will be held on April 20 at Bharath Scouts and Guides Bhavan from 9 am. Interested can join the initiative. For more details contact 9902020267.