Some hard work for a quick buck

Some hard work for a quick buck


Some hard work for a quick buck

CONFIDENT Volunteers at the IPL.

Their task? To make sure the guests are comfortable and have enough food and beverage. These are the volunteers you will find in the VVIP and E-Executive lounges during the IPL matches held in the City. They are smart, good-looking and make quick money in a span of five hours during which they stand and smile.

It’s not as easy as it seems, observe most of these young women. They are students who consider their stint, as volunteers during the matches, as valuable. They work hard to ensure that they don’t slip at any point. Metrolife spoke to a few of these volunteers and asked them what the experience of working during the IPL was like.

Most of them treat this as a summer job that would keep them occupied till the end of May. And bagging the contract has left them excited. Many say they heard about the job through word of mouth. Sagarika, a student says, “A couple of my friends heard about the job a few months ago and I thought it would be a fun thing to do during summer.

Hence, even I applied for the job. There was a brief interview where they explained our job profile and here I am.”

The money factor is attractive too. Rhea, another volunteer, says they will get a total sum of Rs 9000 by the end of the IPL. “Not only do we get to watch the match live but we also get to meet celebrities and the money is good,” she says.

Priyanka, a student of Christ University says, “It’s an experience worth our time and talent. It’s not only about hard work. We also learn to interact with people and manage situations, however tough they may be.” Nisha, a student of Jain College, is happy with the money being offered. “Experience is an integral part. I think working as a volunteer during the IPL will look great on my resume. It’s an added advantage and the money is good,” she adds. Aishwarya, with Jyoti Nivas College, finds the IPL glamourous and is excited that she gets to meet and interact with all the celebrities. 

The girls carry themselves well in their uniforms that have been provided by the organisers. They find these uniforms comfortable and stylish. “The best part about the job is that we are provided everything and all that we need to do is show up and make sure the guests in the lounges are comfortable,” says Rhea. The girls have to keep a tab on the number of guests and make sure they are comfortable. Zia takes on the responsibility of registering the names, ticket numbers and ushering the guests to their seats. Arushi says, “I need to be at the entrance of the Vijay Mallya stand and take the guests to their seats. We come to the stadium an hour or two before the match begins and change into our uniforms and take our positions.”

How do they return home after the match? “The organisation has arranged for the transport. A big bus drops us off at our doorstep after the match,” says Sagarika.