'Politicians responsible for growth of corruption'

'Politicians responsible for growth of corruption'

Krishna wants amendment to PRA

He was speaking at  the one-day seminar on the topic ‘ Is change possible in the nation through the movement launched by Anna Hazare?’ organised  jointly by Karnataka Sangha, Yuva Barahagarara Balaga and Karnataka Janajagruti Vedike here on Saturday.
Krishna said need of the hour was to  enact Jan Lok pal bill but also to amend the People’s Representatives Act (PRA).

Of late, money has become the sole  criteria to contest elections. So it was difficult to find honest legislators, MPs and even party workers. Saying that the movement launched by Hazare against corruption received huge response from people from all walks of life, he favoured early implementation of Jan Lok Pal bill, besides bringing amendment to the People’s Representative Act to ban criminals and black money holders from contesting elections.

Minimum education qualification should also be fixed to candidates.  The former speaker said not only politicians are responsible for the growth of corruption as people also nurtured it. Now the corruption has reached the grass roots level. The role of media is important in exposing the corrupt practices of netas, babus and their nexus with criminals.

Prof H L Keshavamurthy opined the movement launched by Anna Hazare has been successful  in creating awareness among people about  corruption. Such a movement should be kept alive to awaken the masses, he added.