Following their footsteps

Following their footsteps


focussed A lot of youngsters look up to role models in their desired profession.

For some, it may be a celebrity or a well-known personality, but there are others who look up to everyday professionals like bank managers, team leaders in corporates or even housewives, who manage the household work everyday without even getting paid for it.

Youngsters tell Metrolife that observing a professional in their desired field of
work helps them pick up pointers which will be of use to them when they start their career.

With cricket being the flavour of the season, many young cricketers feel that watching a player like Dhoni or Yuvraj Singh on the field helps them in their game.

Says Vinay, a student who plays for his college, “It’s very crucial to understand why they choose a particular shot and unknowingly, I too play those shots when I face a similar ball,” he adds.

During her internship, Suvarchala, an MBA student, was impressed with the way her manager out there handled the team.

“I really liked the way my manager greeted people and at the same time, knew how to tackle the various issues in the office. These are not the things one learns in the classroom and observing people like him at work really inspired me. I hope to be like him someday,” she adds.

Vanalakshmi, another MBA student agrees and says that she also looks up to people like Narayan Murthy and finds his work principles very inspiring.

“Being a professional is not only about going to work and getting a paycheck. It’s also about leading a good lifestyle and how well you present yourself. And watching people like Narayan Murthy really helps youngsters like us get prepared for the professional world and also gives us hope to dream big,” she adds.

It’s not always about looking at professionals who are in one’s desired field of work. For Aparna, a young professional, watching her mother systematically handle all the household chores, has helped her apply the same trait to her job in office.

“I have always seen how systematic and dedicated my mother is at home and when I began working, I automatically picked that trait up and it only helped me perform better. I feel as professionals, we are constantly being watched and it’s up to us to be a good  role model for our juniors,” she adds.