CMC to crack whip on hotels violating norms

CMC to crack whip on hotels violating norms

Sources said the municipality authorities were agnry that the hotels have ignored the notices isssued by them earlier and took no measures to maintain cleanliness.

Fix scientific price

The CMC commissioner in a notice to a hotel in the City had asked the hotel to get licence renewed, fix scientific price on food items and to provide clean potable water to customers. He has cautioned that the licence would not be renewed if the hotel didn’t abide by the rules.

The customers allege that the staff in these hotels are rude. “Fed up with the dirt in the roadside eateries, if we go to hotels, not a single table is tidy; the food items are littered on the floor,” David, an employee in a private firm.

When asked to clean the table, the staff didn’t heed, he said. When complained about the staff to the hotel authorities they were callous.

“Even the price of food items is not the same for all. For outsiders the hotels charge Rs 50 per a set of dosa while for the residents, it is Rs 16,” he said.

For the people from outsiders eating in these hotels would be inevitable as the hotels and dabas outside are worse, he added. Besides, the residents object to the increase in the price while the outsiders don’t, he added.

Though a district headquarters, the City has not a single decent hotel with proper maintenance, let alone the air-conditioned luxury hotels with garden and other facilities.

Following complaints from the customers, the CMC authorities along with the officials of the Health Department have begun to inspect the hotels.

Hyder Ali, a senior health inspector told Deccan Herald that if the hotels were found violating rules, their licences will be cancelled immediately.