Marriage is the hot topic

Marriage is the hot topic

Two months have passed by since Aamir’s birthday, but he still hasn’t given up hope.

Recently, an exasperated Aamir said that the only way to go about it is to tie up Salman’s hands and legs and get him married.  

Nobody in Bollywood takes a ‘jibe’, however, jovial it may be, lying down. Aamir may have meant his latest comments in a humourous way but Salman was quick to retort with a comment of his own.

“If Aamir is going to tie up my hands and legs to get me married, I will make sure to tie up his hands and legs and see to it that he does not get married again,” quipped Salman.

The much-married Aamir isn’t the one to let a comment pass him by either and fans who enjoy nothing more than stars indulging in playful banter, can only hope Salman’s comments reach Aamir’s ears.