Setting a new record

Setting a new record

Great exposure

proud Sneha, Vidya and Satyaki.

Be it dance or music, sports or martial arts, India has got a vivid variety of talent. Breaking yet another record by doing the maximum flips in a minute were Bangalore-based dancer Lourd Vijay and his troupe of three dancers — Sneha, Vidya and Satyaki.

“I wasn’t meant to do the record,” Lourd Vijay tells Metrolife.

“I train dancers from reality shows so the production houses keep getting in touch with me and asking me to scout for talent,” he adds. “This time as well, the production house of ‘Guinness’ called me to look for people to break dance-based records. But since everyone else was busy, I decided to give it a shot myself,” he adds.

Hence, Lourd Vijay flipped the three girls back to back and ended up doing a whopping 39 flips in a minute! 

The record was earlier held by a British for four years, who had done 33 flips in a minute. Vidya is extremely excited for being a part of such a big achievement. In fact, she didn’t even know that she was going to a part of this record. “But it was a lot of fun and I had never done something like this before.” 

Satyaki, a Kolkata-based dancer, is extremely excited as the show went on air recently. “We were putting our best but didn’t know what the end result would be. But seeing ourselves on television was a different experience altogether,” she says. 

“It was taxing but exhilarating where in, I learnt many new things like getting the right speed and momentum to do the perfect flip.”

Like Vidya, even Satyaki didn’t know that she was going to be on the show. “I thought I was called to Mumbai for a performance. I had no knowledge of what I had got myself into. It was only a day later that I was briefed on what it was all about.” Speaking of the rehearsals, Vidya says, “We rehearsed a few times. By the second rehearsal, we had broken the record.” While Satyaki adds, “We kept recording our performances and putting ourselves on timer.”

Each of the four dancers got a certificate with all their names on it and a medal. “It was a great exposure as I had never worked with a production unit before,” notes Satyaki. Lourd Vijay, who always works behind the scenes, sums up, “I have never really been in front of the camera but it was fun and I never thought we would actually break the record.”