'Everything about cinema turns me on'

'Everything about cinema turns me on'

Cool Guy

'Everything about cinema turns me on'

His directorial debut Kool: Sakkath Hot Maga promises to provide non-stop entertainment and some refreshing romance. “An actor only needs to play his part and leave but a director needs to go beyond all of that. He has to conceptualise and interact with the rest of cast. His role is all encompassing. That’s what I wanted to do,” Ganesh tells Metrolife.

And yes, he admits, it wasn’t an easy task at all. “Nothing comes easy. You have to struggle in life to get somewhere and I have enjoyed every moment on the sets,” explains Ganesh.

Ganesh dons a whole new look in the film. He’s not only lost a lot of weight but made sure his mannerisms match that of a college kid. His boyish looks, and mischievous ways have been exploited to the hilt in the film, thinks Ganesh. “My wife Shilpa has designed my clothes and my looks are by Bhanu, the person who styled the actors in ‘Robot’."

Ganesh is thrilled about his character and says it’s unlike the characters he has essayed before. He has been working hard to lose weight, all in an effort to look fit. “There’s no rain, no love at first sight and no broken hearts. The role demands that I look and behave in a very different way. I have incorporated a lot of my college days in the film,” says Ganesh.

The film portrays youngsters in a different light. Not all college-going girls and boys bunk classes and waste their time. “There are among them the more intelligent ones. Those who have a purpose and direction,” he adds.

Talking about why he chose to release the film when the IPL is still on, Ganesh says, “Those who love cinema will go to the movies, whether there’s IPL or no IPL. The holidays are still on, that’s an advantage. Once the colleges reopen in June, I will lose the college crowd.”

So will he venture into direction on a regular basis? “Everything about cinema turns me on. I would like to get a feel of everything, the technical and creative side of cinema,” he wraps up.