Fish 'medicine' to be given on June 8, 9

Fish 'medicine' to be given on June 8, 9

Bathini Harinath Goud said the fish medicine is given on the day of Mrigasira Karti, which marks the onset of monsoon according to Hindu calendar. On that day, the Bathini brothers insert the yellow herbal medicine into the mouth of a live sardine fish which is about 2 to 3 inches long. This live fish is then slipped into the throat of a patient.
“For vegetarians we prepare separate medicine with jaggery. However, vegetarians need to take the medicine for a longer period,” Harinath Goud said.

Strict diet
This medicine is administered thrice, in a period of 45 days and the patients are supposed to follow a strict diet prescribed by the Bathini brothers.

 All the portions of the medicine, given at the venue after the administration of fish medicine, should be taken on days of Arudra (22 June), Punarvasu (6 July) and Pushyami (20 July).

“However one must strictly avoid 24 items that we suggest and adhere to the diet prescribed by us otherwise the fish medicine will not give desired results,” Harinath added.

Every year, thousands of people form serpentine queues to get the popular “Bathini fish prasadam”.

The fish medicine has faced severe criticism from scientists, doctors and organisations claiming that this medicine has neither scientific evidence nor medicinal value.
“Several studies have proved that there is nothing wrong with our medicine and it is based on Indian traditional treatment,” Harinath said commenting on Jana Vignana Vedika’s campaign against his medicine.

However, many opine that the medicine really benefits the asthmatics and its is truly a gift by the Bathini brothers.

According to the Bathini brothers, the ingredients of this medicine were revealed by a holy man to their great grandfather. The holy man, who revealed this cure, put forth two conditions — the medicine should be distributed free of cost and the formula behind the medicine should never be revealed. The state fishery department supplies thousands of fish lings near the venue. The APSRTC is arranging special buses to the venue.