Rank holders rattled by rescheduled counselling

Rank holders rattled by rescheduled counselling

More than 50 students have already been allotted seats under COMED-K and they have given up their seats offered through the PGCET conducted by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS).

Now the rescheduling of counselling to May 30 implies meritorious students will lose out on choice of seats. After getting a rank in the 20s in PGCET and a rank under 80 in the PGET, Ramya (name changed) now stands to lose her choice of seat. With four gold medals in MBBS, Ramya had opted for a COMED-K seat in Bangalore with her preferred branch after giving up on the seat offered by the RGUHS.

Now reverting to the old system means that the managements will keep the seats of popular branches themselves and dole out the ‘unpopular seats’ to the students appearing for counselling.

Ramya’s father said, “It is important to have a good branch more than a good college. After working so hard and getting the seat she deserved, she will have to give it up since under the old system, the management will keep the good seats as payment seats.”

What irks these parents and students is that the Court did not consider the plight of the students who had already been allotted seats in the colleges.

“We have given up our seats in the PGCET offered by RGUHS. We did not even attend the second round of counselling as there was no reason to block a seat if we were not taking it up. Now we lose out on everything. Where is the justice in this?” Ramya’s father said. He is now contemplating approaching the SC.