Revive, replace, re-style


Revive, replace, re-style

The part of your house which is most associated with you and reflects your personality is your room.

So, how about giving a face-lift to this special place? If you share it with a sibling, it’ll be fun seeking his/her help. Here are some creative, fun ideas – incidentally, all beginning with or inspired by the letter ‘P’.

POSTER-COLLAGE: Instead of covering up your walls with large posters, you could make a poster-collage of all your favourite icons.

Cut out small pictures of close-up shots of faces or whole profiles (in action) of sports personalities, film stars and people you idolize from different walks of life, from old magazines, newspapers or posters. Stick them on a thick cardboard to form a collage and put this on a wall.

PHOTO-BOARD GALLERY: Most of you have carrot-boards that occupy a lot of space behind the door or under your bed, collecting dust while lying unused. Get two nails hammered on your wall after marking the width of your carrom board at the height of your eye-level. (Please seek the help of a carpenter or an adult to do this).

Then hang the carrom board on the two nails with the right part facing the wall. Now, on each of the square grooves on the wrong side of the carrom board, stick a photograph. To protect these snaps from damage and dust, put them in small plastic/cellophane packets and stick them with cellophane tapes.

You could choose snaps of all the milestones of your life – your various birthdays, any prize-winning events in school, memorable holidays etc. You could improve it further by painting the wooden parts all around the photographs to give it your personal unique artistic touch. Moreover, this art-work will not hinder your game of carrom either.

PANDORA’S TREATS: Do you have lots of toys and storybooks scattered all over your room? Worry not, for here is a wonderful suggestion. Take cartons – one for toys and the other for books – of sizes that will suit the contents.

Stick plain white paper all over the cartons (except the bottom, of course). Then, on the one that is meant for books sketch and paint characters like Alice (in Wonderland), Noddy and his Toyland or Harry Potter. On the carton that is to hold your toys, paint just about anything, it could be toys/ landscape/ still-life pictures. It will be fun to fish into these boxes for a book or toy rather than grope for it in a cluttered room.

THE PICASSO TOUCH: Is there a blank space on your wall that could be brightened with a painting?  You needn’t be an artist for it – just paint random strokes in colours that will offset the colour on your walls. Or you could make shapes and forms with your palm and finger imprints. You can put it up on the wall framed or un-framed.

PLANNER: Take a thick thermacol board found in cartons to pack any electronic/ electric appliance. Cover it with a piece of old, bright coloured/ checkered cloth/ thick gift wrapping paper and fasten the ends on the wrong side with pins or glue. Keep this against the wall on your study table or stick with a little strong glue on to the wall (it will stay glued because of its lightness). This can be used as a planner by pinning notes/ reminders/ time-tables for study patterns etc.

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