Secrets of universe

Secrets of universe

soulful Rocky Uchimura introducing the book.

At a recent book reading held at the Crossword, Rocky Uchimura and Hirosho Yaitra, from the Happy Science had an interactive session on Ryuho Okawa’s teachings and even read out few excerpts from his book.

The session began on a light note with a lucky draw for the handful that were present. The three winners were given a CD on Ryuho Okawa’s teachings. This was then followed by a small introductory note on Ryuho and how he attained enlightenment. “Ryuho has dedicated all his life to truth and in finding ways of happiness,” said Hirosho.

The book reveals the transcendent nature of consciousness and the secrets of our multi-dimensional universe and our place in it. By understanding the natural laws of the universe and following the Buddhist Eightfold Path, he believes we can speed up our eternal process of development.

The Laws of the Sun aims to shows the way to achieve true happiness, a happiness that continues from this world through the other.