With an element of sophistication

With an element of sophistication

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With an element of sophistication

In a chat with Metrolife, she talks about her inspiration behind her designs, the City and her future plans. About her interest in fashion design, she explains that before venturing into it, she had pursued her masters in psychology.

“Once I completed this course I realised that I was not cut out for it. That’s when I decided to apply in a design school and was glad that I got through.”

It has been one year since she completed her course and now she has launched her very own label ‘Filigree’. She goes on to say, “This label has been inspired from intricate carvings and details. I believe that in every garment there are a hundreds of details and this is what makes it beautiful. I try to incorporate all of this in my designs.”

Every designer has his own muse and she says she has been inspired by quite a few women. She adds, “I have always admired women like Grace Kelly and Maharani Gayathri Devi. There is an element of sophistication that these women exude and my clothes are meant for a woman who is confident about herself.”

This talented designer has already created waves with her creations. But what is her personal style statement?

“For me, the first basic rule is that one should always wear what flatters his or her body. If I was to pick up something it would always be the colours that suit my skintone and the silhouettes that go with my body type. You shouldn’t just follow trends blindly rather you should know what suits you and what doesn’t. And that’s what I do.”

She adds, “I love wearing short dresses because they are perfect for the weather and are comfortable too. Apart from this, you will find me in a pair of jeans and a top.”

Ask her about the City and she says, “This is my first time here. But I have fallen in love with the place and its beauty. Before I came here, I thought this city would be like any other metropolitan city. But in comparison, Bangalore is very peaceful and well maintained in terms of  architecture and infrastructure. I would love to come back to the City again.”

As for her future plans, she says, “Right now, we are a very new label. But I am planning to launch myself in Bangalore and other places by next year.”