Safety glitch keeps Metro grounded

Safety glitch keeps Metro grounded

Additional clarification on schedule of dimension, a key parameter for certification, sought

Safety glitch keeps Metro grounded

SOD, as BMRCL Director (Project and Planning) Sudhir Chandra put it,“is one of the key parameters considered before giving the safety certification.” In a recent development, the Railway Board had sought additional documents clarifying the deviation. Sources in the board told Deccan Herald that after the BMRCL sent documents seeking sanction for opening of the lines on Reach-1 (Byappanahalli-MG Road), the board has sought additional clarification on SOD.

BMRCL spokesperson BLYChavan, admitting that the board has sought some clarification on the matter, said:“...They wanted some additional documents and we have sent it across to them. In all likelihood, it must have already reached them.”

There are provisions for clearing the project despite the small deviation, based on the Commissioner for Metro Rail Safety’s (CMRS) recommendations, the sources said. “We are also working to see that the clearance happens without much delay and that we complete the process at the earliest,” they said.

Awaiting clearance
Chief Minister DVSadananda Gowda during his last visit to Delhi, requested the Union Minister for Railways to expedite the process of certification. He had announced that the Central minister had obliged.

The BMRCL is awaiting clearance from the Railway Board so that it can write to the Commissioner for Metro Rail Safety, DKSingh, seeking for his inspection of the project and clearance thereof, provided he finds everything satisfactory.

However, under pressure from the Government of Karnataka and the Centre, the CMRS has already begun studying the documents sent to him by the BMRCL, parallel to the Railway Board’s study of the documents sent to them.

Parallel process
Speaking from Secunderabad, Singh said: “I have begun studying the documents, parallel to the ongoing process of the Railway Board.”

On when he would be in a position to inspect the project, the final hurdle for the BMRCL,Singh said:“Maybe next week,” indicating — as Gowda had announced — that the Railway Board’s sanction would be obtained within the next few days. As of Tuesday, the CMRS had not made any recommendations on the schedule of dimensions.