Ethnic diversity in full splendour

Ethnic diversity in full splendour


The whole campus of MES College of Arts, Commerce and Science wore a new look recently as part of Samskruthi 2011, the ethnic day celebrations.

The college was resounding with the theme Mathura Nagari with the idols of Radha-Krishna and flowers adorning the entire premises. With a bullock cart and hay strewn all over the stage, the scene completely reflected the rural India.

The college quadrangle bustled with energy and anticipation about the day’s celebrations. Dressed in traditional attire, each student looked splendid. Prof Sheshadri Iyengar, secretary of MES Group of Institutions and Prof Geetha Srinivasan and Dr Ramu L, principals of Degree and Pre-University colleges respectively inaugurated the festivities.

The cultural events began with a bharatanatyam recital presented by Poojashri from first PUC. Her performance filled the audience with awe as she balanced herself on two small kalashas while holding lamps in her hands and on her head. Later, the members of Ranga Vaibhava, the theatre group of MES College performed various traditional and folk dance forms of Karnataka much to the delight of the audience.

Reviving the memories of rural Karnataka, Patta Kunitha was presented by a group of girls who danced with decorated poles in their hands. Another group of girls performed Kamsale, an acrobatic dance form involving the use of cymbals and the formation of pyramids which was appreciated by all.

The story of Veerabhadra was told through the dance form of Veeraghase, performed by another group of girls. Next up was Bhootaradhane, a dance form from the Tulu-speaking regions of the state. Poli Poli was another interesting dance form that was staged and it succeeded in captivating the audience.

Pooje Kunitha, Dollu Kunitha and Nagare were also staged. The eight performers carried huge drums and danced in sync with the rhythmic beats. When they constructed human pyramids, the crowd cheered them with a big round of applause. The ethnic day celebrations culminated with a grand ‘Ethnic Fashion Show’ which saw participation of students from all streams.

Depicting the attire of various regions of India, the models looked splendid and drew great cheers from the crowd. Ranging from Kashmir to Kerala, the budding fashionistas portrayed the ethnic diversity of the nation. Teachers’ Day Celebrations were also clubbed with Samskruthi where the teachers took part in a cookery competition which tested their cooking skills.

Stalls selling ethnic products made of jute, cane, bamboo, etc were also put up on the campus by a group of rural women entrepreneurs from Sulya.