Praises for all

Praises for all

original creation: The team of Just Maat Mathali.

Any director worth his salt will carry a secret wish to bring his original concept onto the screen, even if he is meticulously copying others’ ideas (read other language films) for a big or ambitious banner. Actor Sudeep, a fine director himself, is perhaps one such sensitive person who yearns to give cinema that is entertaining and intellectually-stimulating at the same time. And when that process kicks in, all peeves and hurts take a backseat. And so it was at the press meet of Just Maat Mathalli.

A patient Sudeep answered all the questions thrown at him. “This is an original story, a swamake. Talking to each other, the hero and heroine fall in love only to fall apart before catching up again. What happens in between is what Just Maat Mathalli all about.”

Sudeep has written the story with friend Rohit while the title was suggested by another friend Vinayak Joshi. “Producer Shankarlinge Gowda is not an interfering type. I had
approached Raghu Dixit before he composed for Psycho and he has given really unique tunes,” Sudeep reeled out detail after detail about his pet project.

Actor Rajesh Nataranga came in for some praise. Sudeep noted and proceeded with the same treatment to art director Arun Sagar and journalist-actor Yathiraj came in for a bit of leg-pulling by his director who opined that Yathi had improved as an actor! “I am satisfied with the result and with everybody’s work in the film,” Sudeep finished
doling out good words and admitted, “I have wanted to make a novel-based film for a long time. Instead, I directed three other films. And let me tell you, this film is not a remake. Neither is it a mix of a few scenes of some film here and another film there.”  
Then it was the turn of other artistes and technicians to pay back all compliments. “Sudeep narrated the story to me when we met by accident and persuaded me to do the role. Seven months later, we began shooting. He is not just a fine actor but a good director, who was not a tyrant on the sets,” Rajesh smiled.

“I have erred but have learnt from those mistakes,” says Sudeep Now, Just Maat Mathalli has to assuage everybody's feelings. Will it? Only time
will tell.

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