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No hope for BBMP


BBMP it beyond redemption. The entire organisation should be dismantled and repalced by small agencies under the direct control of State Government. Local tax can directly be received by Government.


Reform legislative process


There is an urgent need to change our absurd laws. Many laws made a hundred years ago are still being implemented. In fact all acts, rules and regulations should be periodically amended to reflect changing times. On the other hand, the Parliament is passing too many bills without debate. The government should find a way our to radically revamp the law-making process.

Mahesh Kapasi

Ill-advised move


The Bombay High Court has rebuked Team Anna for filing a petition to open the Azad Maiden and seek concession for MMRDA Ground, the proposed venue for the three-day fast. All along the members of India Against Corruption (IAC) have given an impression that their actions emanate from internal consultations.  By admitting that it was an error to move the court and it was done so without consulting him, Anna Hazare has sought to disassociate himself from the ill-advised move. Irrespective of the outcome, a true leader should defend his team publicly and express his disagreement privately. 

Zulfikhar Akram

Justice delayed...

The NIA has filed an exhaustive charge sheet against nine foreign nationals (including seven Pakistanis) for their alleged involvement in the 26/11 terror attack. But before they could be produced at the Indian courts, they have to be extradited from their respective countries, which is a long drawn out process. Then the actual trial may take about a decade, even if held in a fast track court. Subsequent appeals to higher judicial tribunals, and finally the mercy petition, can easily consume another decade and crores of rupees of the tax payers’ money. This intervening period can even see the ultimate judgment of the Almighty’s Court in some cases, before the humans put their  final seal on their fates.

Arun Malankar

China worried over Agni missiles

This is with reference to ‘China frets over Agni missiles’ (DH, Dec 19).
The outcome of the 1962 Indo-China war had tilted the balance of power in favour of China. Since then China had been flexing its muscles in the region but the recent Oil Exploration pact between India and Vietnam has shaken its leaders. Moreover defence analysts have categorised Agni V in the range of 5,000 km. The missile falls under the category Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICIM) and can target China towns at will. This latest move by the crouching tiger has unnerved the hidden Dragon.

Deepak Chikramane

Govt wary of strong Lokpal

It was amusing to read ‘Govt slogs to meet Anna deadline’ (DH, Dec 19) When standing committee and government had ample time to work on various other bills proposed by NAC chaired by Sonia Gandhi, how is that they did not find time to spend a few days on a strong LokPal bill.

Government is trying to camouflage its control on CBI by proposing to bring only its anti-graft cases under LokPal’s purview. Similarly by imposing 3/4th majority and other conditions to bring PMO under LokPal, it is paving way to free PMO from LokPal’s purview.|

 Sridhar. S

Whither Justice

The news item, "Parents booked over kid's death" (DH, Dec 17) can be considered the 'joke' (a cruel one indeed!) of the year! A daily wage earner's child becoming malnutritioned is nothing new in India. Thousands of such children die daily in this 'rich country with poor people'. Instead of consoling and helping them in their sorrow and need, the police in Bhopal have booked the couple for causing the death of their two-year-old daughter who succumbed to malnutrition. This is highly condemnable. It is reported that the hapless couple had even treated their child in a hospital and yet the police have been harassing them for Rs.12,000. Is there no justice in our country?

Mrs. Alice K Jose

Emergency guidelines long overdue

This refers to: ‘Emergency guidelines for hospitals in the offing’ (DH, Dec 18).  The National Disaster Management Authority’s decision to prepare guidelines to face the exigencies is long overdue. Authorities should conduct regular inspection of the hospitals to ensure that they follow the guidelines both in letter and spirit; staff is trained in disaster management besides alerting the fire brigade without any loss of time.  Hospital authorities are expected to protect the lives of patients besides treating their ailments.  Before issuing licenses to start nursing homes, authorities should ensure all the laid down norms are followed.

Sakunthala Seshanna

Kumble quit too soon


It is sad that Anil Kumble resigned from National Cricket Academy over differences with BCCI. We all know that Anil is a gentleman cricketer, who must have gone through similar situations during his playing days.

It is surprising that he has given up so quickly as an administrator. He should have stayed and convinced the BCCI top brass of his vision to do good for Indian cricket. He should have shown more  perseverance.

K. Amul Chander


Give jobs to locals


Bangalore metro is a testimony of the flawed language policy of India. The metro officials have taken ensured that all services, sign boards and announcements are available in Hindi. India does not have any national language. So, why this undue importance  to Hindi? The security guards do not know Kannada and have been causing inconvenience to the commuters. Out of 840 jobs, only 320 jobs have been given to Kannadigas. It’s high time the state government starts giving priority to Kannada and Kannadigas.

Ravi Savkar

Assault on freedom of expression


Sibal wants internet companies to control hate content on their websites. This is nothing but an assault on the freedom of expression.Can Sibal control the loose tongue of his party colleague Digvijay Singh? Let his clean up start from his party.


End of an era


With the demise of legendary actor Dev Anand, an era has come to an end.  The iconic star, till his end, remained active. The flamboyant star’s hits like Baazi, Guide, Jewel Thief, Johny Mera Naam, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Tere Mere Sapna immortalise him. May his soul rest in peace!


Future uncertain

With the election of Sriramulu with a thumping majority, there is no need to consult an
astrologer about the future of BJP  in Karnataka. The entire  government machinery and majority of ministers camped in Bellary for a fortnight, but the Party candidate still lost his deposit.

BJP should introspect and undertake purge corruption from the party to have any future.

Deshmukh Raghavendra Rao,

UPA’s FDI move is mischievous

The decision of the UPA Government to allow 51 pre cent FDI in multi-brand retail  without consulting with Opposition smacks of arrogance. This policy decision ,which would have wide impact across the country should have been placed before the Parliament and debated comprehensively. Instead, the government wanted to push through this controversial economic reform hurriedly thereby inviting the wrath of the Opposition. The contention that FDI in retail will improve the bargaining power of the farmers and provide employment to millions is mischievous. Instead, this move will  marginalise and impoverish millions of traders across the country.


Vintage Federer

Roger Federer’s recent wins shows that the Swiss maestro has much tennis left in him at the age of 30.  It was vintage Federer at display at the season ending ATP tournament playing some high quality tennis to subdue his younger and talented opponents.  When on a song he is elegance and grace personified.  The world has seen big servers, powerful shot makers and ferocious counter punchers but nobody can bring to the game the sheer artistry that a Federer can.  With the record 16 Grand Slams titles already against his name he has nothing to prove to the world so far as his class is concerned.  Yet, his legion of fans wishes to see him go on playing and winning to add to his tally.  He is arguably the greatest tennis player to have played the game.  Tennis will be poorer when he calls it a day.  This generation is lucky to witness him in action.

Zulfikhar Akram

Flogging alcoholics is a bad idea


Anna Hazare’s distaste for alcoholism is understandably justified.  However, flogging the drinkers in public could be counterproductive.  After flogging drinkers may as well hit back and drink more. Flogging is violence and antithetical to Anna’s own Gandhian image.

Anna and his team should launch a nation-wide mass movement against alcoholism on the lines of the anti-corruption movement.  Anna can resort to his favourite method of fasting and exhort the drinkers to shun the harmful habit. A healthy nation cannot be built by any Government that allows flow and circulation of alcohol in the arteries and veins of its citizens.

Zulfikhar Akram

Stray dog menace in Kumaraswamy Layout

Kumaraswamy Layout is infested with hundreds of stray dogs. One can see packs of dogs consisting of 5 to 12 dogs roaming on the roads. They chase motorists, spread garbage on roads and dirty door steps. Parents are afraid of sending children outside for the fear of dog attacks.The BBMP says they will only sterilise the dogs. Won’t the sterilized dogs chase motorists ? Won’t they bite or maul people? Why has their population multiplied to two to three fold in the last one year? Is there no solution to this problem?


Allow Parliament to function

This refers to the report ‘NDA to boycott PC over 2G’ (DH Nov 22).  The NDA should reconsider its decision and use house to debate issues before the nation - economic downslide, decline in industrial production and inflation.

Parliament’s winter session perhaps is the shortest and hence should be utilised judiciously. It is also imperative on the ruling party to respect the sentiments of opposition parties by giving time for their members to express their viewpoints.


Ensure justice in Ishrat case

Sir, After seven years  the Special Investigation Team (SIT) has concluded that the 19 years old college girl Ishrat Jahan and her three friends were killed and passed off as militants by the police. The report, a huge setback to the Gujarat government, also vindicates the stand long maintained by families of the dead and the law abiding citizens. The trial of the accused should be held in fast-track courts and they should be given the maximum punishment possible for murdering and tarnishing the image of innocent people. I’m sure BJP will earn admiration of people of India by removing Modi from the post of CM till he is cleared.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee

Improve Mysore-Nanjangud road

This refers to “Fund crunch ‘barrier’ for ensuring safety of lives here” (DH, November 10). The stretch between Mysore and Nanjangud is very hazardous. It does not qualify to be a national highway and seldom conforms to the required standards. Though it was asphalted after the Undabatti lake tragedy, the width remains same, inviting accidents. Several lives were lost in fatal accidents on this route. It is high time the NH authority took serious note and initiate action to widen and improve the quality of the highway.


Fine for capitation fee

This refers to: ‘Capitation fee to attract Rs.1-cr fine’ (DH, November 17). The government’s move to slap a fine of Rs.1 crore on the institutions, which demand donations is welcome. Now, the meritorious students, who cannot afford to pay donations stand a better chance of getting admission in good colleges for higher education.


Mayawati's split move

Apropos news report 'Mayawati hits back at Oppn for slamming her move to split UP’ (DH, November 17).

UP is afflicted with ‘elephantine' problems like rampant corruption even as chief Minister  Ms Mayawati  continues to  pander public money on erecting statues of her favorite  pachyderms at the cost of human development. Her latest  move to split the state  is meant to outwit  the opposition and is borne out of political compulsions rather than to promote ‘development’.

A.Seshagiri Rao,

Govt apathy to farmers' plight

Sir, This is with reference to ‘Farmers deaths on the rise since 2008’ (DH, November 16). State Agriculture Minister, Umesh Kathi's statement that not all farmers' deaths could be attributed to crop failure or debt is bemusing to say the least.

It is common knowledge that the people who provide our 'daily bread' are impoverished and miserable. With the weather playing truant in many parts of the state, debts from banks and private money lenders mount to such levels that many farmers are forced to take the extreme step.

It's high time the state administration shrugs off its indifference to the farming community.

N J Ravi Chander,
Fraser Town,

BJP on tenterhooks

Sir, this refers to the report 'Sriramulu sure of sailing through' ( DH, Nov 15). With 'Operation Kamal' having lost its steam and Sriramulu enjoying the patronage of Reddy brothers, the stakes are in his favour in the Bellary bypoll despite desperate efforts being made by BJP stalwarts. If  Sriramulu wins, it will set the stage for re-grouping  of the political parties of Karnataka.

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana
Saraswathipuram,Mysore 570009

Govt-run schools face closure

Sir, this is with reference to the editorial 'Short-sighted step', (DH, Nov 15) on Government's decision to close schools, which have no or few students. The benefit of education should not to be assessed on cost-benefit considerations alone. Intangible social benefits far outweigh tangible benefits. A detailed survey and analysis are required before a final decision is taken in this matter. The Government needs to find out whether it is lack of awareness, poverty or craze for English medium schools which is keeping children away from government-run schools.

Bhima Rao
HBR Layout,

Spare the travellers

It is unfortunate that the Kingfisher airline, which sought to set new standards of civil aviation in India, is facing such a crisis. There is no doubt that the rising fuel prices have contributed to the present state of affairs, but this is not necessarily the only reason. Even as the management and the creditors work out a solution, the airline must make all
efforts to spare its passengers of the burden of sharing its agony.

J. Akshay

Ever increasing political embarrassments

This refers to ‘Proxymoron minister to lose job’ (DH, November 13)
These things could happen only in our country as we are regularly recording new lows to the already swollen record book. An education minister being caught in exam frauds, criminals being elected on money power or becoming ministers, guilty ministers themselves choosing the persons to probe the allegations against them are few examples of political embarrassments.
We have to ask ourselves as to who should be blamed for this? We the people are responsible and only a strict Jan Lokpal Bill and honest efforts towards electoral reforms can save our country and its democracy.

Ramakanth Udupa K

Parents to blame for youth’s suicide attempt

This is with reference to "Youth jumps off building, lands in hospital" (DH, November 10).  The youth's senseless act notwithstanding, the fact that he is an "engineering college dropout" merits focus. Many parents even now seem to think that medical science and engineering are the only two prestigious professions.

Many parents are under a wrong notion that studying engineering in Bangalore is a matter of prestige for them.  In the process they care least whether the children can cope with the engineering subjects.  Many such children suffer depression and other psychological disorders and they either drop out, or take some extreme steps. Its high time parents realized that there are umpteen number of job opportunities and that every other course of study has its own significance.

Prabhu Harle

Nuclear energy: Public appraisal only solution

This is with reference to the article “Electricity for whom” (DH, November 10). The argument that electric power is required mainly for the rich and hence we should not go in for Nuclear Power- at the cost of safety- is not appropriate. If nuclear power at Kudankulum plant is unsafe, it is not acceptable, whether the end user is rich or poor. Further levying import tax on Chinese competitive goods will also not serve any useful purpose except depriving the poor an opportunity to purchase them. Clearly, it is an accepted fact that per capita wattage consumption is an index of economic growth of a country and it is essential that the rate is required to be increased for industrial growth. The point here is not the end user but safety aspects. It is needless to say that all safety precautions are to be taken and concerned people must be convinced before its implementation.

In the instant case Public appraisal is the only option. Media has a major role to play in the appraisal of facts.

K. Bhima Rao

Bridge rich-poor divide

Sir, This refers to Colin Todhunter's "Formula 1 for the rich, starvation deaths for the poor" (DH, Nov 8). "There's no scandal like rags, nor any crime so shameful as poverty," says George Farquhar. His wise words befit India's present state of affairs  aptly. It is high time the Government took conscious and concrete steps to bridge the chasm between the unjustifiably rich and miserably poor of India.

Mrs. Alice K. Jose, Bangalore

Ensure strong Lokpal
This refers to ‘Cong fast-tracks draft Lok Pal Bill’ (DH, Nov 8). Stung by the Team Anna’s sound bites at regular intervals, Congress-led UPA government is hastening to present the Parliamentary Standing Committee’s report in the august House. Government should overcome all oppostion by vested interests and pass a stringent Lokpal bill in the larger interests of the masses.

H.P.Murali,  Rajajinagar

Welcome news

Sir, this refers to Citizens' charter law okayed. (DH, Nov. 6).The proposal of the Government of Karnataka to implement the Citizens' charter is welcome news for the people. It is hoped that the fees to be paid for each service along with the days required to provide the same will be prominently displayed in each relevant department.

R, Krishnan

Ensure transparency in UPOR

This refers to: ‘Now, a card to identify property ownership’ (DH, Nov 6).  The state government’s Urban Property Ownership Record (UPOR) scheme is a well-thought out plan to eliminate fraud. However, government should ensure that the process of issuing UPOR to the property owners is transparent and smooth.


Ban crackers during festivals

Diwali is one of the most enjoyable festivals celebrated in India. No doubt, it is the festival of lights and happiness. But soon after the festivities, it is darkness and sadness for many. Year after year, we hear about the miserable fate of many losing vision and countless getting injured because of crackers being burst and rockets being launched.

Government should ban the manufacture of all the harmful and deafening varieties of crackers. Children should be trained early in life to share the joys of Diwali with the less fortunate.

Mrs. Alice K. Jose

Empty vessels make more noise

This is with reference to “Sri Sri is plan C for RSS-BJP” (DH, Oct 28).

It is said that “Empty vessels make more noise”. Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh has been consistently firing salvo against Team Anna. One would have to wait and watch the impact of making such statements. He has been partly successful in creating a rift amongst Team Anna’s members.

One can only hope that Anna’s team does not fall prey to such silly gimmicks of politicians whose sole aim is to divert public opinion from the main issue of corruption.

Deepak Chikramane

BDA must do more

This is with reference to ‘BDA recovers property worth Rs100 cr’ (DH, October 23)
It is heartening to note that Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has reclaimed the lost property worth Rs100 cr from the illegal encroachers. What is intriguing is why the BDA allows squatters to settle down over the open land? There could be scores of similar cases which could have been illegally occupied. Serving notice is only to delay the process from evicting occupants. On the contrary BDA must proactively scan the city to ensure that the property belongs to the rightful owners.

Deepak Chikramane

Recognition of musicians, a welcome trend

Many thanks to Aruna Chandaraj for the article on Dr. Jyothsna (Sunday Herald, October 23). We will always remember the music concerts we used to attend at Odugatthoor Matha, Ulsoor in the 1990s, organised by the Shri Guruvayoorappan Bhajan Samaj where we enjoyed Dr. Jyothsna's violin accompaniment to many artistes. The article gives us a glimpse of the tremendous achievement of this artiste in various genres of music, and it is great to read of the recognition she has received in different parts of the world.

R. Krishnan


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