Nasscom product meet kicks off

Nasscom product meet kicks off

True to its reputation as the IT capital, nearly half of the 1,000 delegates were from Bangalore alone. 

This year, the theme ‘Forces@Work’ provides a perspective of various internal and external forces that dynamically impact product businesses. The event, over two days, provides entrepreneurs a forum to discuss these forces and find solutions that will help them accelerate their software product business growth.

Nasscom also hosted a product LaunchPAD – wherein 10 selected product startups unveiled new products or a version of their products.

Nasscom Product Conclave Chair Sharad Sharma said “new ventures, healthy market capitalisation and move to cater to domestic market are propelling rapid evolution of the next wave of growth for software products.”

NIIT Chairman & co-founder Rajendra S Pawar pointed out that the product conclave is to bring together software product ecosystem to understand the ever-evolving landscape, identify next set of challenges and collectively work towards overcoming them.

It was also pointed out that Indian software product business has recorded an impressive revenue growth of 22 per cent over the last five years when 1,100 new software product start-ups have emerged. India is emerging as a software product hub globally with revenues of $2 billion from 2,400 product firms.

Addressing the young and aspirant product developing community, venture capitalist and strategic advisor Vinod Khosla, in his keynote, advised them not to pay much attention to experts’ predictions as they are often wrong. Khosla said that by extrapolating the past experts try to tell what lies in the future but rapid and sweeping changes in technology makes it impossible to predict the future.

As an example he said that in 1995 every major global mobile operators said they will not adopt to internet, now internet is accessed from millions of mobiles in the world. He also told delegates not to be afraid of failure as failure is the essence of change.