Bridge collapse cuts off 50 villages

Bridge collapse cuts off 50 villages

It was constructed during the tenure of Deve Gowda as chief minister

The Alur-Vydyanathapura bridge near Maddur collapsed suspending the connectivity to more than 50 villages in Maddur. A portion of the bridge in the centre collapsed at about 5 am in the morning and fortunately as there was no vehicular traffic at the time there was no casualties reported.

The bridge was constructed during the tenure of former prime minister Deve Gowda, the then chief minister in 1994. With unabated sand mining being carried out in the Shimsha river, the filters below the bridge was affected and later reached a dilapidated state. Adding to this was the trucks carrying heavy loads of sand plying on the bridge also weakening it.

The bridge had began to wear out from two years and the public works department swung into protection mode and had issued warning banning plying of heavy vehicles on the bridge. But, as usual the warnings were neglected and the goods autos and two-wheelers were shifting luggages violating the order.

Now, with the complete collapse of the bridge, connection between more than 50 villages has been cut off.  The public from Alur, Neelakantanahalli, Kabbare, K Honnalagere and other villages have to take a detour of more than 10 to 15 kms to reach Maddur town.

Meanwhile, MLA Kalpana Siddaraju visited the spot and assessed the situation. Speaking to mediapersons, she said Rs 20 crore has been released for the construction of a new bridge and the work would begin soon. She also assured that she, along with MLA B Ramakrishna would meet Minister of Public Works C M Udasi in this regard and discuss the issue.

Kalpana said that she would discuss with the engineers of public works department to take up temporary repair of the collapsed bridge so that the people of the villages are not affected.

ZP member Kanti Suresh, JD(S) taluk president Ajjahalli Ramakrishna, executive president Venkatesh and others were present.

The school and college students were the most affected due to the collapse and were seen alighting and climbing the bridge with the help of the ladder to reach their destinations, which has caused anxiousness among the people.

Many were also seen climbing the ladder with the cycle to reach Maddur. The students claimed that they have been put into a lot of inconvenience due to a deroute of more than 10 kms for a town which is only three kms.

They also demanded the KSRTC to provide additional us services to the villages in view of the bridge collapse, to help the students.