Siemens launches high capacity circuit-breaker

Siemens launches high capacity circuit-breaker

"This technology will make it possible to evacuate large amount of electric power from distant generating stations, to load centers by interconnecting regional grids. This will not only enhance efficiency, but also reduce transmission losses," Siemens Chief Executive for Energy Sector A K Dixit told reporters here.

The power transmission capacity of the 1,200-KV line will be more than double, compared to the 800 KV line, he said.

"The new 1200-KV system will need less than half the space used by the existing 800-KV systems, with fewer number of lines for transmitting the same power, thus reducing the land footprint and overall environmental impact," Dixit said.

"With this technological advancement, power transmission over long distances will be more efficient while increasing the transmission capacity," he added.

The system will be installed by the PowerGrid Corporation.