Without helmet; it's just hell, mate!

Without helmet; it's just hell, mate!

Glory to gory

There must a plethora of jokes and videos about women drivers and their dourly driving skills. In a rather small exception, last month’s report on accidents and traffic violations released by Mysore Traffic Police, says 17 accident related deaths happened in Mysore.

And, not even one among the 17 fateful persons was a woman. Well, some may call it providential, and coincidental that women make for either cautious/too anxious or simply under-confident drivers. But the fact remains, on an average, women usually don’t rush on the road. And, this, with college going lasses and young professionals as an exception.
But, the picture changes when it comes to violating most traffic norms. Again on an average here, women top the chart.

And this time, irrespective of the age group (with young women being dominant in numbers). And, the most oft repeated violation is -- riding without a helmet.
What forces them to do this? The crowning glory. The cascading hair that cannot be flaunted in case they wear a helmet.

“The penalty for many girls is way too small a sum. Most of them don’t even care about riding without helmet being an offence. Unless college managements and parents too join hands, there’s little just the law enforcement agencies can do,” says DCP (Crime and Traffic) Rajendra Prasad.

Women often quote that they ‘lose breath’ inside a helmet, as a reason for not wearing it. And girls feel it would make them less ‘hot’ if they wore a helmet. And, hairstyle going awry, or even dandruff being the chief reasons.

In any case, it should really matter to them that the face they take pride in, and the hair they like flaunting, can stay safe for longer. Wearing a helmet, a stylish one if they please to, can help stay in love with the mirror for many more years to come.

Else, plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery can prove to be a costlier option when compared to the miniscule investment that one has to make in a helmet -- and the temporary discomfort one has to bear with; against thousands of jabs and wounds. Lest, even god shall forget!