Fog plays spoilsport for newly wed couple

Fog plays spoilsport for newly wed couple

Grand celebration

Dense fog, which has badly affected normal life in large parts of Uttar Pradesh and north India and resulted in late running of several trains and cancellation of flights, also affected a newly-wed couple hailing from Jharkhand, who missed their wedding reception because their train was running 27 hours behind schedule, owing to fog.

Although the couple had to spend the night in the waiting room at the Kanpur railway station, the other members of the wedding party threw a reception party at the platform itself and enjoyed themselves in the foggy night, much to the amusement of  other passengers.

Obviously the normal scene at the platform was much different then what people generally expected at the place but much to the amusement to the people the unique celebrations occurred at the railway station.

Organised differently

“The groom’s family had organised the wedding reception on Wednesday, two days after the wedding that had taken place at Kanpur...the wedding party were scheduled to depart on Tuesday noon and would have reached their destination on Wednesday morning,” a member of the bride’s family said. The wedding party, on reaching the station, came to know that the train was running two hours behind schedule and was likely to come around 1500 hours. “It, however, got further delayed and did not arrived till 12 in the night,” he said.

Cursed others

While some cursed the railways, others blamed the fog for the disruption of the programme. But many other members chose to make the best out of the worse scenario. “They decided to organise the reception party at the platform,” he said.

Many trains had to be re-scheduled and some even had to be cancelled owing to late running of the trains owing to the fog, stranding thousands of passengers at railway stations.

The other side

As many as 27 people were killed in different road mishaps because of the fog in different parts of the state in the past two days which largely affected the day to life, according to reports.