Centre backs alternate medicine

Centre backs alternate medicine

Based on the reports of a task force comprising experts from Indian systems of medicine, the Union Health Ministry advised that Ayurveda or Unani interventions can be used for increasing immunity to fight flu-like conditions.

These can be adopted by normal healthy persons as well as those who have mild cold, cough and body pain.

For Ayurveda followers, the advice is to avoid curd, cold food, cold drinks, fruit juices especially citrus fruits, fermented food and ice-cream. Also, the suggestion is to drink hot water instead of cold water.

Use of decoction made up of tulsi, ginger, black pepper, long pepper, guduchi in the morning is recommended.

Ayurvedic medicines like ‘Sudershanghana vati’, ‘Sudershana churna’, ‘Samshamani vati’ can also be taken as they improve the host defence mechanism.

If necessary, ‘vamana’ (emisis) procedure of ‘Panchakarma’ may also be taken up under observation of an expert ‘vaidya’, says the guideline issued late evening on Thursday.
For category-A patients with mild symptoms, the Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM) has suggested decoction of ‘Unnab’, ‘Bahidana’, ‘Sapistan’ and ‘Dalchini’.

‘Arq’ prepared from ‘Afsanteen’, ‘Chiraita’, ‘Kasni’, ‘Nankhwah’, ‘Gaozuban’, ‘Sad Koofi’, ‘Nilofar’, ‘Banafsha’, ‘Post Neem’ may be taken with ‘Sharbat Kaksi’.

In addition, specific formulations such as ‘Habb-e-Jadwar’, ‘Khamira Nazli Aab Tarboozwala’, ‘Tiryaq-e-Farooq’ may also be taken.

Local application of ‘Roghan baboon’ or ‘Roghan-e-Morn’ or ‘Roghan Kahu’ or ‘Roghan Kadu’ on scalp and chest besides maintaining personal hygiene and light diet is recommended for patients with mild flu-like symptoms.

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