Theatre treat for kids

Theatre treat for kids

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The much-awaited AHA! International Theatre Festival for Children will be inaugurated on August 26. The grand opening will be held at 6 pm.

With miniature replicas of the Globe Theatre, a Sanskrit theatre recreation, Carnatic ensemble by Kumaresh and Western ensemble by Bangalore School of Music, a tumble of soap boxes and a swing set the stage for the Shakespeare Faire and Kalidasa Mela.

It will be one of its kind experience to see theatre from a child’s perspective.

The play Lakshapati Rajana Kathe will be staged on the same day at 7.30 pm. This Kannada play is presented by Spandana and the playwright is Dr M S Nagaraj.

The director is B Jayashri and the play is for children above six years.

Kulavathi, a maid in King Dharmashekara’s palace is banished from the kingdom when she reveals that she is carrying the king’s child.

The king’s four notorious and evil sons born to the queen incite the wrath of Shivajangama, a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva, as a result of which the kingdom reels under a severe drought.

To redeem the kingdom from this situation, Shivajangama demands that a magic pearl that brings rain be brought to him within six months.

The king’s four evil sons go in search of the pearl and what follows is an interesting story.

The tickets are available at Daily Bread outlets.

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