'I want to finish with 2015 WC win'

'I want to finish with 2015 WC win'

Andrew Flintoff hopes to end one-day career with a Cup triumph

Andrew Flintoff

Flintoff, who underwent a knee surgery last night, said he is keen to return to cricket field.

“Obviously there are no guarantees but, having spoken to the surgeon, I’m confident I’ll be able to get back on the field. However long the rehab takes I’m prepared to do it to give myself the best chance of playing international cricket again.

“I want to play at the World Cup in 2011 and the one after that too. I’ve finished my Test career with an Ashes victory and I want to finish my one-day career with a World Cup win in 2015. That would be perfect,” Flintoff was quoted as saying by the Guardian. The burly all-rounder also revealed how emotions overpowered him after playing the final Test of his career at The Oval on Sunday.

“I admit I was tearful. And then I saw one of the Sky Sports cameras hovering and thought ‘Nobody’s seeing my crying’, so I nipped into the toilets, gave myself a minute, got myself together and got on with the job of celebrating.” Flintoff admitted that it would not be easy to get to full fitness but said he was determined to help England play well in short version of the game.

“The harsh reality is that I need my knee sorting out. It’s a long road, but I’ve done it before. And seeing the scenes at The Oval, it’s made me more determined to get back fit and play in front of the full houses in England or abroad.”