Saha is good prospect but has to wait for his turn: Ganguly

Saha is good prospect but has to wait for his turn: Ganguly

"Dhoni is the captain of India and has done wonderfully in international cricket... But I am sure Wriddhiman will get his due," the 37-year-old, who retired from international cricket last year, told PTI in an interview.

Asked whether he feels Wriddhiman is the No 1 stumper in the country, the left-hander said, "He is a very good player but Dhoni is the captain of India. I am not here to compare the players. Wriddhi is also a good player and hopefully, he will get his chance."

The Kolkata Knight Riders wicketkeeper-batsman, who had a successful Emerging Players Tournament Down Under, was named in the 30-member probables for the ICC Champions Trophy, though his name was ignored for the final squad.

In fact, East Zone selector Raja Venkat admitted in a CAB meeting that Saha was the best wicket-keeper at the moment but the youngster had to wait.
Ganguly, however, said those were private discussions and did not want to reveal them.

Appointed as the chairman of a newly-formed Cricket Development Committee by the CAB, Ganguly said, he was looking forward to an official confirmation so that he can plan out the next course of action.

"I will make a plan and hopefully I will be able to implement them. Because I believe implementation is most important. You can plan a whole lot of things but as long as you don't really implement, it amounts to nothing," Ganguly said.

"Hopefully, when I get official confirmation of the job, I will get the plan ready and then go about it," he said.

Ganguly, who will chair a panel of veteran cricketers (Arun Lal, Ashok Malhotra and Pranab Roy are the others) said, "I will just try and work out what's best for Bengal. It's not rocket science, it's not a competition so we will try and work out, what's best we can do for Bengal cricket."

Currently busy with KKR's coach selection, Ganguly would again fly to Mumbai for the last round of interviews that would have former India coach John Wright, former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram and former India batsman Pravin Amre.

"The KKR managment has taken interviews of several persons. Some more are slated on August 30, and after which I am sure Shah Rukh (Khan) and Jay (Mehta) will decide who the next coach is..." said Ganguly.

The Knight Riders have already screened Richard Pybus, Dermot Reeve and Michael Bevan among the foreigners and the Indians include Lalchand Rajput, W V Raman and Ashok Malhotra.

But Ganguly, who is tipped to return as the captain during IPL III, did not want to reveal the team's plan.

"These are private KKR things, I am not in a position to reveal it although I know about it. There are definitely some big names and we hope that we get the right person," Ganguly said.

"I am not really worried about the coaches. I am really worried about the team and what team we really put for the tournament. I am trying to get that right. Obviously, I will have a say in selection of coach but it will be decided by (team owners) Shah Rukh (Khan) and Jay (Mehta)," he said.
On chances of Wright, with whom he had a successful run for Team India, the former captain said, "Let him get selected first. Let's not jump the gun.
Obviously, I have had a good relation with John (Wright). He is a great man, he has worked superbly with me as an Indian coach. But as I have said it's going to be Shah Rukh (Khan) and Jay (Mehta) who will decide."
Ganguly, who was removed from captaincy in the last edition of IPL by then coach John Buchanan, said what had happened was past and it would have no bearing on the future.

"Yes, we have identified what all went wrong and are trying to rectify them for IPL III. At the moment, we are trying to sort out the team. I feel that's the most important thing. At the end of the day, it's sport and what we do in those 40 days (during the tournament) will make a difference. Hopefully, we will turn it around this time," he said.