Oz family stunned by crocodile in living room

Oz family stunned by crocodile in living room

An Australian family faced a very surreal moment when an uninvited guest, a 1.7-metre crocodile, sneaked into their living room in Darwin.

The family living in Bees Creek in the Northern Territory woke early on Saturday morning to their dog barking and went to investigate.

They discovered a saltwater crocodile had wandered into a living area which is partly open to surrounding bush.

Jo Dodd says she got a fright when she discovered the crocodile in her house.
“It was the most freakiest thing - you don’t usually see a crocodile in your lounge room,” she said.

“I don’t know if he was stalking the dog or he was just trying to get to saltwater, most likely, but it was really a very surreal moment,” she was quoted as saying by ABC News.

Wildlife rangers were soon summoned and they captured the intruder.
Wildlife rangers say the crocodile may have been pushed out of his normal surroundings by a larger animal.

The Crocodile Management Unit’s Dani Best says it is not uncommon for crocodiles to enter suburban areas at this time of year.

She says male crocodiles are jostling for territory at this time of year, and some find themselves pushed out.

“Being the peak season, you see a substantial increase in the activity and movement of crocodiles, particularly around the rural area,” she said.

“At this time of year male crocodiles are very aggressive with one another and small males can easily get pushed out.

“This incident serves as a reminder for people to remain vigilant and take caution in around waterways,” she said.

Meanwhile, the incident has also raised an alarm on the security of the places juxta-posed to the crocodile prone areas. There had been many instances when the animal intrude to nearby places.