Guns blaze, not Businessman

Telugu (U/A)
Director: Puri Jaganadh
Cast: Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal, Prakash Raj, Nazar, Brahmaji , Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam & others

Guns don’t need agreements. So goes the ad line of Puri Jaganadh’s Businessman with Mahesh Babu helming the title role. Given its trigger-happy tagline, Businessman simply scorches the screen with men going berserk with their blazing guns. With non-stop action its calling card, Businessman throws all other saner elements to the winds.

With virtually nothing to trumpet about in terms of suaveness of style or slickness of story-telling, sensible script or plausible plot, Jaganadh lets Businessman pack a punch for two plus hours of screen time providing one hell of a high decible dhamaka-filled drama.

Sprinkled with song and dance ensembles to act as balm from its otherwise fast and furious-paced drivel, Businessman goes about it in business-like precision turning itself into a tortuous film.

The one-man maniacal show has Surya, with fire power in hand, setting foot in Mumbai to become the dreaded don besides finding the dainty damsel of his dreams. Sure enough he gets them both with his sharp-shooting prowess, thanks to politician ‘Laloo’ who lets him ascend the ladder of his vaulting ambition.

Kajal Agarwal as Chitra, Mumbai police commissioner Bharadwaj’s daughter, supplements him with her meow,  moon and moan act. Babu’s riotous fans may roar and revel over his deeds, the rest though find no respite from the routine.