Better policies needed for language learning, says NRN

Better policies needed for language learning, says NRN

Language is a key element in globalisation and this calls for stronger policies allowing children the freedom to learn three languages at school level, Infosys founder N R Narayana Murthy said here on Saturday.

Speaking at the launch of Ranjini Manian’s book ‘Upwardly mobile’ he said the local language, national language and English must be taught to children in every school.

“I am a Kannadiga and I myself find it difficult to speak in other Indian states. Children have great potential but the policy makers comprise old people who think with their aged mindset. Create a policy that allows three languages to be taught at school level,” said Murthy.

Those who migrate within India must also be taught the basic level of the particular language of the state.

“If a Marathi child moves to a school in Karnataka, then that child must learn the basics of Kannada. This is very important in terms of self confidence, work and education,” commented Murthy.

Ranjini’s book which looks at the cultural hurdles faced by Indians in the global scenario provides solutions for the new global Indian manager.

Ranjini said that a primary problem amongst Indians is that difficulty in saying ‘no’. “Indians do not give a direct and honest answer as we find it difficult to deny something.

Dealing with western clients calls for this element as they fail to understand that answers that are not direct,” she said.