Ride and click

Ride and click


Sundeep Gajjar, has been travelling on superbikes since 2006. Since then he has covered ten countries on some of the world’s most spectacular motorcycles.

mean machine One of the photographs taken by Sundeep Gajjar.

A need to capture his rides gave rise to his interest in photography, which today is one of the main reasons why he rides cross-country.

In an effort to capture his interesting rides to the places he had visited, Sundeep recently exhibited his work though ‘The MotoGrapher Chronicles’ that was held at IndiPix Gallery, Vasant Vihar.

His methods are not conventional. Most photos are shot during a long riding day, with available light and locations. This makes his photos a lot more fun because they are clicked spontaneously. His photography involves an eclectic mix of adventure, travel, visual arts with an element of uncertainty while discovering new locations. Each of his photos has a story before and after it was clicked. 

Rajeev Kumar, a visitor at the gallery says, “The photographs taken by him are inspiring. It puts a thought in your mind that you too could go out to explore nature and life in the same manner. Sundeep has given a different view altogether to experience life in his own way.”

In 2006 Sundeep also started a series of big cross-country road trips on superbikes. His first trip was around India with five other friends. This was perhaps the first time any Indian had explored most of India on superbikes. The trip was called ‘The Great Indian Road Trip’. From there on he moved on to international road trips on big bikes, some of them solo trips across India.

Sundeep aka Sunny says, “I found the xBhp Motorcycling platform in 2002 – India’s most popular motorcycling portal, which today encompasses a nationwide community of over 60,000 active online members.” This avid biker and now a photographer is also planning to come up with another photography exhibition which will also chronicle his experiences on superbikes and depict his journey on the streets of one of the seven continents through photographs. Sundeep refuses to reveal the name of the continent and wants it to be a surprise.