Quality monitoring of milk compulsory: Officer

Quality monitoring of milk compulsory: Officer


Maintaining the quality of milk has been made compulsory responsibility in the Karnataka Milk Federation, said U H Tulasi, Assistant Director of Quality Control Department.

She spoke to Deccan Herald before giving a lecture on the second day of special training to the officers of the Kolar-Chikkaballapur Milk Producers Co-operative Limited on Thursday.

Quality control actSpeaking about change in conditions, Tulasi said that earlier, quality control and maintenance was optional. But after the Food Conservation and Quality Control Act was passed in 2011, they has been made compulsory. 

“It is therefore necessary that everybody, right from the milk producers to the co-operative societies, should maintain the quality of the milk,” she said.

On matter of handling the milk, she said the Milk Federation produces 46 to 47 lakh litre milk a day. But the total amount of the milk cannot be used in the same form.

Different hands Apart from this, it is important to control the microbes added to the milk as it is passed on through different hands. Thus, the Federation should try to keep up to the international standard,” she added.

“Presently, the quality has been maintained by Milk Federation. But it can be improved. To attain this, officers at the co-operative societies should be in touch with the milk producers. The officers should be trained first in order to increase the quality of milk,” she said.

Handling microbesSpeaking about microbes, she said: “Especially when transporting milk from rural areas to the city, it passes through various hands. In this case, there are high chances of microbes attacking it through various sources. 

“These microbes grow and spread in a short time and can reduce the quality of the milk. All should be aware of this fact.”