Keep a distance...

Keep a distance...

Single status

College-girls in the City find ways of staying away from boys on Valentine’s Day

As the City gears up to celebrate Valentine’s Day every year, the hearts of many girls start beating with anxiety. While the whole world waits for this day to celebrate their love, there are many girls who want to stay away from everyone. They wish to be at home as the chances of getting proposals from boys are more on this day. They don’t even mind bunking classes just to escape the boys. A few girls from different colleges share their plans with Metrolife.

Most of the girls agree that they are unwilling to come to college as many boys wander around the campus to express their love to them. Chaitra K, a BBM student, admits that she has been bunking classes for two years. “Unless there is an internal or exam, I don’t attend classes. I stay at home, complete journals and prepare for the next class. Though there is no harm in coming to college on that day, I don’t want to take the risk,” she says.

“Usually most colleges bear a deserted look as some girls bunk the classes in fear of proposals. And those who are in a relationship, go on dates. Anyhow, the attendance will be low,” says Pallavi Sreerama, an engineering student.
Sowmya Nadig, a commerce student, seeks the help of her brother. “I will ask my brother to drop me to college and pick me up. Usually boys are scared to speak to a girl when she is with her brother. In the college also, I won’t walk alone. I will stick with my friends so that boys can’t come near me,” she informs.

But some girls have their own plans of celebrating the day. “This time, I have planned to dine out in a restaurant with four of my friends. We are looking forward to having a great time there teasing the couples who come for lunch. It’s just for fun,” Pallavi Sreerama smiles.

Faiza Begum and her friends are all set to celebrate ‘Single’s Day out’ on Valentine’s Day.

“I have decided to celebrate my single status on that day along with six of my friends. We have thought of going out for lunch, shopping and watching a movie. For the first time, we are celebrating the day in a big manner,” says Faiza while adding, “We won’t be attending any classes on that day.”