No evidence about individual, entity or country in blast:India

No evidence about individual, entity or country in blast:India

Refusing to pinpoint Iran for the Israeli car bomb blast here, India today said it has no evidence about any individual, entity, organisation and country involved in the attack which left an Israeli diplomat critically injured.

"As of today, we have no evidence to find any individual, entity, organisation and country being involved in this incident (car blast)," official spokesperson in the Ministry of External Affairs Syed Akbaruddin said.

He was asked whether there was any information with the government to show Iran's involvement in the blast, as was being claimed by Israel, and if that would change the dynamics of India-Iran ties.

Meanwhile, official sources also refused to speculate the basis of the Israeli allegation that Tehran was responsible for the terror blast.

Emphasising that India's ties with Iran whether on energy front or overall trade sector were driven by its own national interest, the sources said "certain objective realities in our economic situation will always be taken into account and there are some international measures which will also have impact on the country".

However, the sources were also quick to point out that there were various options available with India to carry on with its oil import from Iran apart from engaging with other countries for the same.

Notwithstanding a lot of pressure on it to restrict its engagement with Iran from various countries, including the US and Israel, New Delhi has been maintaining that its relationship with Tehran will be driven by its national interest.