A palette of bright colours

A palette of bright colours

Luxurious Designs

A fashion show, featuring different brands and designers, was recently held at the Forum Mall in Koramangala.

With bright outfits, wonderful cuts and elaborate patterns, the show was a dream-come-true for any fashion lover in the City.

The show was part of a three-day celebration, being held with the intent to celebrate the eighth birthday of the mall.

It was celebrated in the mall’s central atrium, and in order to highlight the glamourous nature of the fashion show, the area and ramp were done up to resemble a red carpet laid out at Cannes Festival.

The evening began with plenty of festivity. Large crowds gathered around the central atrium, and were kept entertained for a while with a series of fun games and events. The games included word games, as well as a particularly raucous session, wherein the participant had to toss balls into a bucket that was kept a distance from him. Winners walked away with gift vouchers.

The fashion show itself revolved around items from the brand ‘Soch’, as well as some creations which had been designed by Rajesh Shetty. His clothes were dramatic and caught one’s eye immediately. A careful blend of outrageous colours with a sophisticated cut and silhouette, they made quite a spectacle on the ramp. The models strutted across the ramp, showing off elaborate ghaghra cholis, in bright colour combinations with yellow, violet, red and bottle green, all embellished with metallic tones.

Dramatic make-up and large bindis  completed the look.  Others wore single-toned outfits in bright red, which consisted of zippered dresses, artfully-ruffled sleeves and fitted jackets.

Their look was highlighted with elaborate, metallic head gear. Others took to a more contemporary and funky feel, with short dresses, brightly-coloured stockings and colourful wigs.

The showstopper for the evening, Kate Elizabeth Hallam, looked lovely in a fitted sky-blue evening gown, with understated make-up. The other outfits which were showcased were more ethnic in nature, with traditional colours, such as cream, red and pale gold.

Comprising classy lehengas and embellished tops, they made quite a statement on
the ramp. Kate Elizabeth Hallam, the showstopper, told Metrolife that she was very impressed by the designs for the evening. “Rajesh’s designs just amazed me — they’re quite brilliant,” she said.