DU teachers support workers strike

DU teachers support workers strike

The Delhi University Teachers’ Association will support the all-India strike observed by members of central trade unions. 

DUTA members will wear black armbands on Tuesday to show support to striking workers.“DUTA knows the significance of this strike. It is the struggle of all working people in India,” said DUTA president Amar Deo Sharma.

“DU teachers are also waging a struggle in the university against commercialisation of higher education. We are also opposing the allotment of teachers’ positions under contract basis. We extend our support to the struggle of the working class,” said Sharma.

Sharma said DU teachers will wear black bands. 

“We are not going on strike. Classes will be held as per schedule. We are only showing our support to this struggle against the capitalist agenda,” said S D Siddiqui, DUTA secretary.The association has also been protesting against certain discrepancies in DU. 

Recently, DUTA members held a four-day protest highlighting issues like 4,000 teaching seats lying vacant and the hurriedly implemented semester system, which resulted in inflated marks. They also raised the issue of delay in pensions, among others.

DUTA members had also staged a protest outside the UGC office. At least 11 trade unions have called an all-India strike to demand abolition of appointments on contract basis, amendment to the Minimum Wages Act and payment of pension.